United Immigrants
The Legal Protection Plan for Immigrants

Pre-Paid Legal Service

When a person is detained, there is an overwhelming amount of fear and uncertainty as to what will happen next. Through our affordable membership plan, we work diligently to reunify you with your family. We’ve thoroughly outlined the process needed to ensure you’re represented during your deportation case. You and your family can rest assured that you have protected yourself against the financial and emotional stress of detention and deportation.

Protect Yourself Now!

In this heightened political climate, is it worth taking the risk?

Many families do not have the money for legal representation or to post bond if detained. United Immigrants exists to prevent financial hardship for our members who find themselves detained and otherwise would not have the money for legal representation.

We have thoroughly vetted the attorneys in our legal network who specialize in immigration law. These attorneys share our values, our mission, and our vision. Our network of attorneys are dedicated to helping members of our community protect their rights and ensure the best possible outcome of their deportation trial.

Membership Benefits

With a United Immigrants membership, you and your family will have access to the resources needed should you be detained. Without this membership, you will be faced with paying out-of-pocket for the cost of legal representation. On average, the cost for legal representation in a deportation case can cost you approximately $5000 to $15,000 per case.

An Individual Membership to United Immigrants is $39.95 a month, about $479.00 a year, which averages out to $1.33 per day. A Family Membership, which provides services for 3 family members is $79.95 a month, about $959.00 a year, which averages out to $2.66 per day. Our membership provides you with legal representation, at a fraction of the cost of a detention and deportation trial.

Membership Options







Do you qualify?

  1. 1
    Have you ever been convicted of a crime, or multiple crimes?
  2. 2
    Do you currently have an outstanding removal (deportation) order on record, either pending or past due?
  3. 3
    Have you ever been deported?
  4. 4
    Do you presently have an arrest warrant issued against you? If so for what crime?
  5. 5
    Have you missed any prior immigration hearing dates?

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I switch memberships from Individual to Family and Family to Individual?

Yes. This can only be done by contacting member care at (833) 923-2323.

What is the difference between Individual and Family?

An “Individual” membership is for one (1) person. The "Family" membership is for up to three (3) family members.

Do I continue to pay for my membership after I get detained?

Yes. You continue to pay your membership, this ensures that you continue to have the legal representation you need.

What is the average cost for legal representation?

The cost for legal representation varies based on a person’s specific case. An immigration case can range from $5,000 to $15,000+.

Who is considered family for the Family membership?

Anyone related to you by blood or by marriage can be considered "Family".

What will appear on my bank statement when I pay?

The descriptor on the statement will be 'PayNearMe - United Immigrants'. PayNearMe is our payment processor.

What does my membership provide?

It provides peace of mind knowing that in case of detention, you have access to funding towards your legal representation.