United Immigrants

The Legal Protection Plan for Immigrants

The ONLY membership that provides legal representation
in case you get detained and face deportation.

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Our Story

United Immigrants was founded for immigrants, by immigrants. We are a membership-based technology, risk management company that provides affordable access to legal services and public resources that restore invaluable peace of mind to the undocumented in our community.

With a focus on keeping families together and offering the gift of security, United Immigrants is here to help individuals and families navigate the extremely intricate and complex American legal system while facing detention or deportation, with appropriate legal representation.

Our products were created to give access to professional, reliable, and affordable assistance to those in immediate need. The product, in the form of a membership, allows immigrants at risk of detention to be released from holding and reunited with their family as soon as bond is posted. From there, members who qualify will receive guidance and on-going support as they continue their important path to citizenship.

As a company, we are committed to remain at the forefront of providing high-quality products and services that align with the needs of the underserved communities.

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